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About Us

Award winning master designer and founder, Samuel Behnam brings more than thirty years of art and jewelry experience to The Samuel B. Collection. Samuel blends traditional Balinese and Thai craftsmanship with contemporary style so that every jewel represents an innovation in jewelry design. A ring could take it’s shape from the asymmetry of flower petals. It’s gemstone palette informed by Pantone’s color forecast and it’s tactile quality inspired by ornate Balinese architecture. 


For Samuel, there is always a new interpretation for a ring, bracelet, earring, or pendant. He began as a gemstone dealer but was soon drawn to the unique beauty of handcrafted jewelry. The ancient art of Balinese jewelry making gave him a way to express his artistry. His design aesthetic is represented in every jewel of The Samuel B. Collection it’s the reason why the collections resonates with their dedicated fans and has won a multitude of jewelry industry awards. 


Truly innovative design doesn’t just happen. It must be created with deliberation, employing the highest of standards, and using only the very best materials. While in his workshop, Samuel watches closely as the jewelry is being worked. Quality control is of the utmost importance as it ensures every detail reflects his vision. 


Today, Samuel creates a distinctive range of jewelry that is inspired by his love of art and travel he’s been to the edge of civilization and back again. Joining him in his travels and love of great design is his wife Neda, who is also a renowned goldsmith and jewelry designer. 


The Samuel B. Collection employs over one hundred of the most talented artisans in Bali, Thailand, and India. Samuel and Neda are committed to design integrity and leaving as small a carbon footprint as possible. They are always on the lookout for organic materials and processes to use in their jewelry. The Samuel B. Collection is a responsible and responsive company their superior level of artistry, the utmost care they take in creating their jewelry, and maintenance program that supports a lifetime of enjoyment are unsurpassed at every level.